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Social Media and National Security
Featuring: Bradley A. Brooker, Principal Deputy General Counsel and Designated Agency Ethics Official for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Jon D. Holdaway, Acting Senior Counsel for the Defense Intelligence Agency's Office of the General Counsel, and Mana Azarmi: Policy Counsel with CDT’s (Center for Democracy and Technology) Security and Technology Project

Third Annual National Security Law Lecture
Featuring Matthew Kronisch, Associate

 General Counsel for Intelligence at the 

United States Department of Homeland Security  

North Korea: Peace in Our Time?
Dictators, Diplomacy, and Denuclearization
Featuring Professor Roger Clark & Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute
Second Annual National Security Law Lecture
Featuring Mr. Alexander Joel, Chief of the Office of Civil Liberties, 
Privacy and Transparency (CLPT) for the 
Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)
Panel on Immigration Reform
Featuring speakers from the 
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, 
the Rutgers Immigrant Justice Clinic, 
and ImmigrationWorks USA
Panel on DHS, USCIS and Public Interest Careers
Featuring Patrice Rodman, Deputy Chief, USCIS Northeast Division, 
Kathy Hogan, USCIS, Office of Chief Counsel, &

Chris Setz-Kelly, Staff Attorney, Nationalities Service Center

The Second Amendment & National Security
Featuring Logan B. Beirne of Yale Law School & 
Rutgers' Professors Earl Maltz, Alec Walen, and Roger Clark
Balancing Surveillance and Privacy
Featuring Jamil Jaffer & Kirsten Nussbaumer
Cyber Threats in the Modern Age
Featuring Colonel Gary Corn
Staff Judge Advocate, US Cyber Command
Inaugural National Security Law Lecture
Featuring Ms. Caroline Krass
CIA General Counsel
The FBI's Legal & Law Enforcement Role
Featuring Supervisory Special Agent David Joanson
Chief Division Counsel - FBI Philadelphia